E-Business Strategy and Networking

Course structure

The course consists of the lecture, exercises, and student presentations.

Content and goals of the course

The course E-Business Strategy and Networking outlines the impact of new technologies to making business in a networked environment. It provides a comprehensive overview of fundamental e-business concepts like e-procurement and e-commerce. Furthermore, an approach to develop sophisticated e-business strategies is depicted and the resulting effects on a company’s inter-organizational systems are presented. After looking at different business models and approaches to strategy-to-IT alignment, communication among employees of a company is an important part of the course. Web 2.0 technologies to support those employee networks can be adapted to an inter-company level. In addition, different forms and coordination mechanisms to connect companies with its partners and stakeholders are depicted and methods are described how those networks can be designed and successfully managed.

ebsn content

  • You will get a comprehensive overview of fundamental e-business concepts.
  • We discuss the “state of the art” e-business in companies.
  • We teach you the impact of new technologies on companies in networked environments.
  • We discuss an approach to develop sophisticated e-business strategies.
  • We discuss relevant aspects of IT governance including business IT alignment.
  • You learn systematic application competences to apply e-business networking.
  • At the end of this lecture you are aware of technical application competences for e-business management.


Please attend the first lecture (26 October 2017) to register for the course.


Written test

Exam ID

Current exam ID: Written exam (56203, 5 ECTS)

Master after before WS1718: Written exam (56201, 2,5 ECTS), Homework (56202, 2,5 ECTS)

Master before WS1011 (70401, 2,5 ECTS)

Lecture Notes

Lecture Notes and LoDs will be published electronically. All necessary infos will be communicated during the first lecture.