Smart Production Configuration


Constantly emerging market requirements lead to growing complexity within production systems. The real-time accessibility of relevant information through a digital connected value chain becomes the basis for optimizing production systems with regard to cost, resource efficiency and availability. Thus, a paradigm shift within production and control architectures of production systems can be observed. Predetermined operational and organizational structures will be suppressed by flexible, adaptable and autonomous and therefore intelligent system configurations.

The goal of this research project is to develop a procedure model to support the design of intelligent production systems. Three consecutive steps build the generic framework of the model: First, based on the analysis of relevant design factors (e.g., IT systems, processes) structural system properties are described to create system understanding. Second, a systematization of market requirements builds the input for the determination of the required “smart” maturity level of the to-be system. In the third step implications of action to apply the design factors in accordance with the predefined maturity level are derived to accomplish this system maturity.

Research Picture